Hatchets and Hops – Buffalo

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Assembling The Crew

Throwing axes is an incredible experience. It’s empowering and triggers something within you. There’s a primal focus to it that can’t be matched. But that’s only where the experience at Hatchets & Hops starts. The best part about stepping through our doors is spending time with our crew.

When we set out to recruit the best team to embody the Hatchets & Hops brand, we knew we needed some of the best folks in Buffalo on board. Just like that brand, we looked for intelligent and sophisticated people who embraced their rugged side. What we are doing is unique and authentic – we needed like-minded people to pull it off.

From our job postings to our interview process, we took a very unorthodox approach to attracting and finding the people that our brand and way of doing things would resonate with. And it paid off. As people found out about what we were doing and what was most important to us, right away we had really good candidates applying. Our unique approach to interviews reinforced who we were and what we needed to see in our potential crew members.

We believe that a career should be a rewarding experience, worth the time and hard work that people invest each day. We have worked hard to establish a culture within our organization that genuinely fosters a vibrant and transparent culture. Coming on board, it was important to us to make sure every member of our crew could expect our company values to be something that guided our day-to-day decisions – and were the kind of people who believed in things being done that way.

We’re proud to have assembled a crew of some seriously cool people that will make your time here unforgettable.