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Earth Day Every Day

Across the globe, 192 countries celebrate Earth Day with us today. Because it happens to be a day full of axe throwing for our crew, we’ve decided to highlight how we incorporate our love and respect for Mother Earth into our daily practices and beyond. Our brand is rooted in the lumber industry, and we use a lot of wood. We do our best to limit our impact on the earth by recycling all of our paper and plastic, up-cycling and repurposing used target wood, and by composting our organic waste from the kitchen and bar. Even the paper we use in our printers is 100% recycled tree-free paper. From avid recycling to kitchen composting, we strive for the waste not, want not attitude.

While our kitchen may be relatively new to the throwing experience, we still do our best to keep in tradition with our minimalist philosophies, creating only what is needed. While no one is perfect, we can proudly say that most all of our food waste is put back into the earth in the fullsizeoutput_2556best way possible: by compost. Compost is chalk full of nutrients, allowing the restoration of soil health to help locals grow their favorite crops without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

But what about the trees?
Being proud members of the Arbor Day Foundation, our owners are serious tree huggers. With 10 saplings on the way, The crew at H&H is planning to spread our love around the city of Buffalo and doing 10 different plantings. This is just the start of a great tradition for our crew to give a little of what we use in our club, back to our planet. We’ll have a full day of digging and planting ahead of us, with oh so many photo ops with our crew and planting partners.
The takeaway: Just because we like to split some wood, doesn’t mean we can’t save some too.