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Two Person Booking at Hatchets and Hops

Woman and man laughing while throwing hatchets at targets

When’s the last time you did something for the first time? It’s probably been a while, right? 

Hatchets and Hops has been operating since 2016 with two simple goals that drive us:

Engage with people in a way that doesn’t involve staring at our phones or sitting on a barstool for hours on end, and

To inspire the same spirit of discovery that we all had as kids.

The response to throwing your first axe is indescribable. The rush that encompasses your body is like no other and rekindles a fire inside you from way back when, from a time when new experiences were around every corner. 

But you might be thinking to yourself (or asking us, as we get these questions a lot) 

“Do I need a big group of friends to book??” 

“What if I want to come in with my friend from out of town?” 

“What if I want to seem super cool on a first date, but don’t want to subject them to my weird friends?”

We have a good answer to all of those questions!

-No, you don’t need a big group.

-Yes, you can come with just you and a friend.

-If you want to come in on a first date… we will tell your date that you one time offered us $100,000 to invest… but we turned you down because we thought you were “overqualified” and are “the smartest person that has ever walked through our doors.”

Hatchets and Hops can accommodate axe throwing parties for bookings of as small as 2 people! We don’t let 1-person book… because that’s just weird.

We pride ourselves on the authentic connection between our guests during their time with us. By the end of each event, it’s rarely possible for us to differentiate who came with whom when, as everyone has cheered each other on or started friendly rivalries with people they’d never met before. 

With over 3 years of experience, 35,000+ throwers, close to a million axes thrown, and zero safety incidents, we’re confident that if you choose to spend your time with us, it won’t be one you’ll soon forget!

Make your booking today, we can’t wait to have you!